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Indoor Rental LED Display GIR-Pro P3.91mm

Rental LED Display GIR-Pro Series

Leasing the LED display GIR-PRO series products, mainly used in the stage, exhibition, indoor and outdoor activities.Large module (250x500mm) splicing, full range of general purpose, front and rear maintenance The size of this box is 500mm*1000mm, and it can also be done as 500mm*500mm.

Super light weight
Super light weight
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance
Fast installation
Fast installation
Seamless splicing
Seamless splicing

Feature Details

  • Die-cast aluminum frame design, the cabinet is light and easy to carry, easy to install
  • Using a special heat dissipation structure for excellent heat dissipation
  • Fanless design, absolutely silent operation
  • High refresh, high contrast, high grayscale, beautiful picture quality
  • Super wide viewing angle gives your screen the largest viewing area.
  • With special connection lock connection, the flatness and stitching of the whole screen is less than 0.02mm

Slim Design

Die-cast aluminum frame design, the thickness of the whole box is only 80mm, the box is light and easy to carry, the weight of a single box is only 13kg, and the installation is convenient, saving transportation costs

  Model No. P3.91
  Pixel Pitch 3.91 mm
  Pixel Configuration SMD1921
  Pixel Density(pixels/m²) 65,536
  Module Size(mm) 250x250
  Module Resolution 64x64dot
  Cabinet Size(mm) 500x500(1000)x83
 Cabinet Resolution 128x128/128x256
Module Qty per Cabinet(WxH) 2x2/2x4
Cabinet Weight(kg) 8.5/13.5
 Gray Scale 16 bit
 Max Power Consumption 800W/m²
 Average Power Consumption 260W/m²
  Operating Temp/Humidity -20℃-60℃
  Storage Temp/Humidity -30 - 60℃/10% - 60%
  Brightness 600 - 800 nits
  Viewing Angle 140°/140°
  Expected LED Lifetime (Max) 100,000 Hrs
 Maintenance Front Service

Curved and flat installation

Curved mounting, angle difference between -10° and 10°, 2.5°, can be installed in inner arc or outer arc

Installation method

Hanging installation and stacking installation, stacking installation 12pcs maximum in height, Hanging installation 12pcs maximum in height.

Application places

GRS Series indoor small-pitch LED display is used in auditoriums, conference rooms, banquets, vestibules, exhibitions, transportation, studios, command and control, etc.

Why choose us?

We have 11 years of LED display development, manufacturing and engineering construction experience, to provide customers with quality products and services.

Installation and after-sales worry-free

Perfect service system, let you worry free after sale

Creative Solutions

We have a senior R&D and engineering team to relieve your worries.

Caring service

7/24 pre-sales and after-sales support by one-on-one service of senior engineers

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