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Indoor Rental LED Display GIR-S P2.9mm

HD Indoor Rental LED Displays GIR-A P2.98mm

We specialize in providing the best LED rental products,pixel pitch P2.6mm, die-cast aluminum case with quick lock, easy installation and removal design, durable, dual backup, high refresh rate, high contrast, usually used for indoor stage background display and LED floor  display.

Indoor Rental LED Screen Feature

This series is specially designed for indoor and outdoor leasing. It is ergonomically designed to facilitate installation, disassembly and maintenance. The LED display screen adopts magnesium aluminum alloy or die cast aluminum alloy 500 * 500mm cabinet

500*500mm LED Display Cabinet
Front or Rear Dual Maintanance
3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Curved and flat installation

Curved mounting, angle difference between -10° and 10°, 2.5°, can be installed in inner arc or outer arc

  Model No. P2.98
  Pixel Pitch 2.98 mm
  Pixel Configuration SMD1415
  Pixel Density(pixels/m²) 112,896
  Module Size(mm) 250x250
  Module Resolution 84x84dot
  Cabinet Size(mm) 500x500(1000)x83
 Cabinet Resolution 168x168/168x336
Module Qty per Cabinet(WxH) 2x2/2x4
Cabinet Weight(kg) 8.5/13.5
 Gray Scale 16 bit
 Max Power Consumption 800W/m²
 Average Power Consumption 260W/m²
  Operating Temp/Humidity -20℃-60℃
  Storage Temp/Humidity -30 - 60℃/10% - 60%
  Brightness 600 - 800 nits
  Viewing Angle 140°/140°
  Expected LED Lifetime (Max) 100,000 Hrs
 Maintenance Front Service

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Glind Tech creating and reimagining digital exeriences for any market,any user, any environment.Known for our digital signage platform and custom solutions.


Glind tech is committed to providing the best LED display screen for lease. According to the excellent design, this series of products is most suitable for indoor and outdoor lease activities.

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Indoor Rental LED Display GIR-S P2.9mm

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Indoor Rental LED Displays GIR-S P2.6mm

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USD SCREEN. established in 2019, has been focusing on Used Stage LED Screen and Screen Service Markets .USD SCREEN is committed to promoting the development of Used Stage LED screen market at home and abroad.